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The air and its water

The atmosphere is where it is for us. Of course we all rely on the sun as our ultimate life generator, but the atmosphere plays a huge role in making that life bearable and sustainable. This is especially true for big inefficient organisms like bipedal primates.

Put simply the atmosphere is, among so many other things, the wispy thread that closes the loop the water creates as it percolates through the mountains and aquifers to join the rivers and streams and journey on to the sea. Along it's way it clears the air, waters plants, cleans forests and soils, and moves nutrients from where they are bountiful to where they are needed. What's left of it as it joins the ocean is used and absorbed by the ocean, the last nutrients consumed, minerals allocated, and then the ocean returns it to the land to start over again. The atmosphere is the transportation infrastructure for the uphill leg.

As the oceans and atmosphere conspire to recommit the water upon the continents, they create unbelievably varied patterns of visible water vapor in the forms of clouds, mists, and precipitation. These effects, stunning in their own right are then played by the light which reflects, refracts, and diffuses itself through them to add color and depth and contrast. It really is a show.

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