In The Country

In The Mountains

Visiting the dwellings of the gods

So strange that superstition alone served so thoroughly to keep people out of the mountains. As recently as the 17th century, there were educated Europeans who thought there were goblins and trolls living there.

It is understandable, however. Nature's dramas play out in their most visceral and violent fashions here; waterfalls slice through mountains, avalanches wipe forests off their slope, glaciers calve and force floods down narrow streams that sweep away animals. Lightning finds the ground here. Storms that leave snow covering your feet in the valleys leave snow that covers houses in the mountains. 

The scale of what happens in the mountains is thunderous. This is what I seek. The being dwarfed to inconsequence by my surroundings. The working to survive while around me everything that inhabits the place works perfectly together to keep all the natural systems there operating in constant balance.

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